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Breaking Bad Science

Breaking Bad Science
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This week on Breaking Bad Science:

Our podcast goes over how to navigate the world of science and how to determine for yourself what and who you can believe in with confidence. Join us as we learn, grow and push scientific understanding into the 21st century.

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Breaking down science in news and media.

Discover More Episodes
Discover More Episodes

Episode 47: Nature is Freaky

May 2nd, 2021|Biology, Nature, Science|

Is war an exclusively human practice? How about sexual behavior and pair-bonding among members of the same sex? Is the heat of the surface of the sun just an everyday experience for some in nature? Is one-punch man alive and well in the animal kingdom? Join hosts Shanti and Danny as we discuss. Emu wars, chimpanzees, and the terrifying creatures of the deep and talk about what makes nature so much stranger than even the fiction we imagine.

Episode 46: Medical Technology and the Future

April 25th, 2021|Economics, Medical, Science, Technology|

In the past, we discussed the idea of reversing the aging process. The concept that in the future we might be able to end a human's tendency to die simply because we survived for too many years. What about the issues that arise simply from trying to live. What if our organs fail or get damaged, or what if we lose large sections of bone? From 3D printing to organ-on-a-chip, what does the future look like when we consider where medicine is going?

Episode 45: Shanti’s Weight Loss Breakdown

April 18th, 2021|Health, Physiology, Research, Science|

Every week we look at a new scientific concept and delve into the science behind it. How do we go about that? What does it take to look at information that someone presents and evaluate its quality? Join hosts Shanti and Danny as we dive into Shanti’s fitness background and evaluate the work of Dr. Mike Israetel who influenced our co-host in his training days.

Episode 44: Clean Energy

April 7th, 2021|Economics, Energy, Science, Technology|

We all understand what it means to be dirty, more importantly we understand how something becomes clean. But what about energy? How do we clean energy? What is clean energy? Is it achievable? Do we even have any energy that can be considered clean? What is lithium mining? Why does it come up in this discussion. What does the word fossil fuel even mean?

Episode 43: The Psychology of Cults

April 4th, 2021|Conspiracy, Psychology|

In the late 1980's a former NFL defensive end stabbed 2 men with zero provocation, and if you ask him it was done at the urging of his leader to which he was devout. In the mid to late 2010's the hit show Smallville took on an entirely different meaning when the world realized a star actress was recruiting other women to be branded and exploited. In both cases we can't help but ask ourselves, how does this happen? How does a human being find themselves in a situation where these things happen? In a word, cults, but it's so much more than that. Join hosts Shanti and Danny as we dig into manipulation, fear, blackmail, and the disturbing minds of what passes for a "leader" in this world's cults.

Episode 42: Starlink and Elon Musk

March 28th, 2021|Technology, Uncategorized|

In the 80's a hero known as Al Gore produced one of the greatest inventions of all time..the internet. Ok well maybe that's just a comment quoted out of context that comedians at the time found hilarious and some of us still do. Today, though, Elon Musk is doing something with the internet early users like myself would never have thought possible. What is Starlink and what is the point? Join hosts Shanti and Danny as we discuss the introduction of Starlink, what makes it so impressive, and what it may mean for our future.

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