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This week on Breaking Bad Science:

Our podcast goes over how to navigate the world of science and how to determine for yourself what and who you can believe in with confidence. Join us as we learn, grow and push scientific understanding into the 21st century.

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Breaking down science in news and media.

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Discover More Episodes

Episode 34: Digital Eye Strain and Blue Light Glasses

January 31st, 2021|Health, Science|

I imagine I'm not the only one whose parents told them not to sit so close to the TV because, “it will rot your brain," or some semblance of that statement. Looking back, though, where would they even get that information from? TV technology changed so rapidly throughout the 80s, 90s, and 2000's I don't see how any scientific evidence could even have existed; let alone long term studies on development. Years later I’ve come to recognize the idea that not everything we tend to believe is backed up by science. So what about this one? Are screens bad? Do they rot your brain or hurt your eyes? More importantly can the all powerful BLUE LIGHT GLASSES! actually help? Join hosts Shanti and Danny as we discuss how damaging this technology can be and the legitimacy of blue light blocking glasses.

Episode 33: The Scientific Method – Is It Working?

January 16th, 2021|Science, Scientific Method|

The Scientific Method as we understand it today, wasn't developed until well into the 19th century. If you've been listening to the podcast long, you know that witch hunting and spectral evidence are clear indications of that, but somewhat surprisingly, the idea behind the scientific method was described as early as the 4th century BCE. Because of this, Aristotle is considered the inventor of this methodology. So what exactly is it and how do we even know it's working?

Episode 32: COVID Vaccine – The Verdict

January 10th, 2021|COVID-19, Public Health, Vaccine|

So many of our discussions to date have revolved around the Pandemic, and it makes sense. This has been the most relevant subject since the start of this podcast. Conversations laced with misinformation, conspiracy theorists pushing their agendas and using the virus as a stepping stool. It's truly been what we started this podcast for. With that being said, let's take one more look at the virus, the pandemic, and the vaccine. Join hosts Shanti and Danny as we talk one more time with Dr. Bryan Simons about the COVID-19 Vaccine and look into the future of how its development may change the scientific community forever.

Episode 31: Social Behavior – Policy in a Pandemic

January 3rd, 2021|Economics, Public Health|

We've talked about the science behind behavioral analysis when we talked about the show Criminal Minds. We've talked about how things are worded and how they're done influencing how we react when we discussed the Science of Influence, but how does all this affect us when it comes to policy making? How does it come into play in say, a pandemic? Have these concepts been used in our society as a whole? Would you be surprised when a podcast like this says absolutely? Would you be surprised if I told you a whole subcommittee was in place for exactly this purpose? What if I said....maybe it's not such a bad thing? Join hosts Shanti and Danny as we talk with Jonathan Moses, host of “A Better Question” and discuss the Science of Social Behavior and its role in the Pandemic.

Episode 30: The Science of Solving Crimes

December 20th, 2020|Science, Technology|

The past must have been so weird. A comedian once made the observation that a killer's blood at a crime scene used to be something that required a mop, not an evidence bag. How did people even solve crimes in the past? How do they do it now? Why were there monkeys involved? What on earth does it even mean to consider something forensic science? We’re serious about the monkeys. Join hosts Shanti and Danny as we talk about some of the science behind solving crimes, some of its earliest forms and how some of the most advanced techniques are being used today. Additionally, there are some big announcements this week with the launching of the website, patreon, and public facebook group. We look forward to hearing from you all and working to better the podcast in the future.

Episode 29: COVID Vaccine Update Phase III Trials

December 13th, 2020|COVID-19, Public Health, Scientific Method, Vaccine|

Every day is a new headline. Vaccine effective. When will we be over COVID. Exploding whale, ok, that last one isn't related. As far as the vaccine. We've talked about it previously, but today we're talking not just about the prospect of a COVID vaccine. We're talking about those that have developed phase 3 data. In this corner, Pfizer. In this corner, Moderna, Astrazeneca, Johnson and Johnson. How does it look? How interesting is it really? Is there a chance we may really see a light at the end of the tunnel? Should we be concerned? Join hosts Shanti and Danny as we talk with Dr. Bryan Simons and break down the most recent information about these vaccine trials and where we stand right now.

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