Episode 67 – Ivermectin and COVID-19

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Is it a horse dewormer? Is it a treatment for lice? Is it a magic cure for COVID? Maybe it’s just a poison. Or maybe, a thing can be more than one thing. What even is Ivermectin? Why has this drug caused such a controversy? What do we know about it and why does everyone think those on the other side of the conversation are completely uneducated? Join hosts Shanti and Danny as we discuss this controversial treatment and what science really has to say about it.


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Krajewski, M.; New Mexico Health Officials Believe 1 is Dead After Livestock Drug Overdose. KOAT Action News. https://www.koat.com/article/ivermectin-overdose-covid-19-new-mexico/37548538#

Center for Disease Control. Possibility of COVID-19 Illness after Vaccination. 07-Sep-2021. CDC. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/effectiveness/why-measure-effectiveness/breakthrough-cases.html

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