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Breaking Bad Science Podcast co-hosts Danny and Shanti are often joined by guest contributors, engineers, scientists, and other knowledgeable folks. 

Daniel Cox


At 15, Danny won 1st place at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. In college, he filed his first patent while studying under an eccentric plant pathologist.

He met his wife in a clean room wearing hazmat suits and processing cadaver bone for surgical implants. He later filed 2 more patents on his techniques to 3D print and mold bone dust for custom surgical implants that fully integrate with the patient’s body and used the methods to create an orbital bone implant for Grace, a child with a large facial birth defect.

As a scientist at Takeda, Danny developed processes to manufacture a Zika, dengue, and norovirus vaccines. Now he’s helping Aura Biosciences revolutionize cancer therapeutics with a first-in-class, non-radioactive treatment for ocular melanoma.

He’s trained scientists in Japan and Singapore and taught himself basic French, Spanish, and Japanese. In 2021, he’ll add one more accomplishment when he completes his master’s degree in Bioengineering and Nanotechnology at Harvard University.

Shanti Oppenheimer


Shanti, representative of those with a naturally curious mind and the man behind the voice. Shanti shares the vision for the quest for accurate information and he is taking the journey with all of us!

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Formatted in a casual fun conversation, but delivering great content. The breaking bad science podcast delivers no-nonsense facts to dispel misconceptions in a format that anyone can appreciate.


I finally got my head mostly above political stuff & started listening to Danny’s podcast. I’ve missed his totally random, slightly nerdy, but completely relatable sense of humor.


This show is a great forum for discussing topical science and events! The dynamic between the hosts makes the content for any given episode accessible and interesting to a broad audience with varying levels of base knowledge. My favorite episodes are those with expert guest speakers!


Aaron Ford