Episode 7: The Stigma of Mental Illness

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It’s all too common in the United States to view those who aren’t successful as simply too weak to handle life. This view is even more harsh for those who suffer from mental illness. Ancient stigmas passed down through generations convince us that life is just difficult and you either handle it or you don’t. Unfortunately for those people who suffer from a mental illness, their struggle isn’t the same as everyone else’s. Their own biology can actually prevent them from performing actions we take for granted every day. These diseases can sometimes respond very well to treatment, but only if those affected understand it’s ok to seek help. Creating an environment where seeking help is not only acceptable but encouraged is a key part of removing the age old stigma of mental illness.

Join hosts Shanti and Danny as they talk with special guest Erika Postma about where we stand as a society and how to move forward in the battle for a better world for the mentally ill on this heavy episode of Breaking Bad Science.

Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Crisis Counselor Text Number: 741741


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