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Breaking Bad Science Podcast

Breaking Bad Science Podcast

Episode 24: The Internet of Things

November 8th, 2020|Science, Technology|

Robots, A.I., machine learning, and the internet of things; what are they? How are we handling them? Should we be worried about it? Should we be excited? Are we even aware of what’s going on around us as technology develops? Join hosts Shanti and Danny as we talk about the Internet of Things and how it is impacting our lives and how it may in the future.

Episode 23: Science and the Paranormal

November 1st, 2020|Conspiracy, Other, Psychology|

So many people are fascinated by the paranormal. Ghost, spirits, monsters, and shadow people I guess; what makes them so interesting? I have to admit, I myself find myself intrigued by the unexplainable. Let's talk about the mysterious, the spooky, and the maybe unexplainable? I know I know we're a day late, but still. It's still kind of Halloween. Join hosts Shanti and Danny as we talk about the paranormal and what science can and cannot explain.

Episode 22: When Science Goes Sideways – Nobel Prizes and Opioids

October 25th, 2020|Conspiracy, Ethics, Public Health, Science|

To date, we've talked about all sorts of wonders associated with Science. We've discussed cutting edge testing and where things are possible and where they aren't. But what about what I said back in the intro? What about the liars? What about the mistakes? It's not always full visible spectrum light arcs and narwal like horses. Join hosts Shanti and Danny as we talk about When Science Goes Sideways.

Episode 21: EMF, 5G, and Hallucinations

October 18th, 2020|Conspiracy, Environment, Health, Physics, Science|

What is EMF? How is it related to 5G? Can they cause cancer? Can they cause hallucinations? Can they give you the coronavirus? These are all the questions being asked about the electromagnetic spectrum. Join hosts Shanti and Danny as we dig into the fantastic world of light, how it relates to these concepts, and whether we should be concerned about the growing 5G drive.

Episode 20: The Science of Influence

October 11th, 2020|Psychology, Science|

In this age of instant information and social media, influencers seem to be a dime a dozen, but what does it mean to be influential? More importantly, can we truly break down the concepts that make someone capable of influencing others in an attempt to mimic them? Is there legitimate science behind these concepts, or is it all just witchy space lizard mind-control nonsense? Join hosts Shanti and Danny as they dig into the mystery behind the Science of Influence.

Episode 19: Cannabidiol – What is CBD

October 4th, 2020|Biology, Health, Science|

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is touted as a treatment for nearly everything. A wonder drug. This amazing, life saving molecule that "the man" is trying to keep under wraps. What is it really? Does it truly treat anything? Are online sources just selling you snake oil? Is there any point to taking it and does the government even allow you to? So many questions. Join hosts Shanti and Danny as they try to answer as many of them as possible in this mind altering episode of Breaking Bad Science.

Episode 18: Lulu, Nana, He Jiankui, and Gattaca

September 27th, 2020|Biology, Ethics, Health, Science|

We've talked about genetic engineering before, but when we hit on Dr. He Jiankui and his genetically modified infants, we may have missed something. After talking with a few people it seemed we needed an update to Episode 4 - Genetic Engineering. Ethical questions involve us all, and understanding where science stands on these issues is more important now than possibly ever before. Join hosts Shanti and Danny as we welcome someone who’s been featured in Popular Mechanic magazine, participated in multiple extreme sports, founded the non-profit organization Crossing Lines, oh and she holds a Doctorate in Cell and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Dr. Sonya Iverson. Tune in as we all discuss the ethics and questions surrounding this mysterious testing.

Episode 17: COVID-19 Vaccine Update – What’s Going on in Russia

September 20th, 2020|COVID-19, Public Health, Science, Scientific Method, Vaccine|

With so many companies developing vaccines for the coronavirus the media is a frenzy with information, but what does any of it mean? We talked in the past about the development of the vaccine and started to get a sense of what might be different as far as information with the Russian development. Join hosts Shanti and Danny as we bring back special guest Dr. Bryan Simons to discuss what may be the most important episode of this podcast to date. A real-time analysis of the research conducted in Russia, the data that’s been released, and what it truly means.

Episode 16: Overfitting Data and Data Modeling

September 13th, 2020|Science, Scientific Method|

What makes a good model? Is it grace? Beauty? or just a really great set of data? What happens when your data goes wrong. What is overfitting data and how does it affect your results? Join hosts Shanti and Danny as we discuss Data Modeling, Overfitting/Underfitting Data, the Dunning-Kruger effect, Tom Cruise, and Underwater Basket weaving.

Episode 15: Convalescent Plasma

September 6th, 2020|Biology, COVID-19, Public Health, Science|

Recently, the US released an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the use of convalescent plasma in the treatment of COVID-19. What is an EUA? What does it mean? Is it something the population should be concerned about? Does this mean we should be using it on all patients who are attempting to recover from the virus? Join hosts Shanti and Danny as we discuss the importance of this treatment, whether it holds promise and try to make sense of the political landscape surrounding this treatment.

Episode 14: Big Pharma and Cures for Disease

August 30th, 2020|Economics, Pharma, Science|

Treating disease will always be more profitable. There’s no doubt that from a financial perspective a company makes more money treating a disease over the lifetime of the patient than they ever will by curing that same disease. So why do cures still get developed? Why did we eradicate smallpox and cure Hepatitis C? Is there some reason why the all powerful Big Pharma wasn’t able to block these cures from ever being developed? Would they try? Join hosts Shanti and Danny as we discuss how Big Pharma influences and is, in turn, influenced by innovation and what that means for potential disease cures.

Episode 13: COVID Vaccine What We Know

August 23rd, 2020|Biology, COVID-19, Pharma, Public Health, Science, Technology, Vaccine|

With Russia’s announcement and subsequent walking back of their comments on development of a COVID vaccine, the world is left to question how we know a vaccine is ready. The data can be complicated and difficult to find. Join hosts Shanti and Danny as we talk with Dr. Bryan Simons about clinical trials, what they are, how they work, and where we stand with the COVID-19 vaccine currently.

Episode 12: Origin Story

August 16th, 2020|Other|

Who are Shanti and Danny? What is the true motivation behind Breaking Bad Science? Who on Earth is Melvin? Join us as we discuss who we are, why we’re here, and our own individual paths that lead us to creating this podcast as well as a little glimpse into what we hope the future holds as we try to grow this endeavor.

Episode 6: Ketogenic Diets

July 5th, 2020|Biology, Health|

We’ve discussed the impact that diets can have on epigenetics and the body. How does that relate to epilepsy, diabetes, and weight loss? Can ketogenic diets have an impact on any or all of these? What is the point of these types of diets and can we definitively say scientifically that they can help you lose weight? Join hosts Shanti and Danny and find out on this knowledge expanding episode of Breaking Bad Science.

Episode 5: Biological Age Reversal and Digital Immortality

July 5th, 2020|Biology, Health, Science, Technology|

Can the mind survive when the body no longer does? Will we find a way to stop the aging process? What are transhumanism, epigenetics, digital immortality, and adrenochrome? Join hosts Shanti and Danny as they look into what these terms mean even if Danny does pronounce adrenochrome without the R..., where the science behind this is, and what the future may look like in a little more futuristic version of Breaking Bad Science.

Episode 4: Genetic Engineering

June 28th, 2020|Biology, Health, Science, Technology|

Is Gattaca becoming reality? Can tobacco be a night light? Is there any chance Danny can pronounce He Jiankui correctly? Some of these are certainly more likely than others. While genetic engineering continues to take hold of the forefront of scientific and medical advancement, it is becoming more and more important for everyone to understand the implications. Join hosts Shanti and Danny as they discuss what genetic engineering is, where it started, it’s perception, what the future may hold for this technology, and what that can mean for you on the next episode of Breaking Bad Science.

Episode 3: Correlation Versus Causation

June 28th, 2020|Biology, Science|

As ice cream sales increase, so does the rate of shark attacks! Correlation of evidence is the practice scientists use to develop an understanding of causation, but would you believe that one of the worst mistakes we scientists make is being convinced that correlation implies causation. Sometimes two things that correlate have no direct link to each other at all. Join hosts Shanti and Danny as they discuss the differences between correlation and causation and how to interpret them.

Episode 2: Murder Hornets!

June 22nd, 2020|Biology, Environment, Science|

The Asian giant hornet showed up in the media and spread like wildfire. We talk about what it is, why it's confused with the Asian hornet and how did that cause such a convoluted story? Join hosts Shanti and Danny as they discuss these creatures, what they are, why there was so much confusion around them, and what the general population needs to do about them.

Episode 1: What Happened with Hydroxychloroquine and COVID-19?

June 22nd, 2020|Biology, COVID-19, Public Health, Science|

Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19 had a quick rise and fall of prominence in the media in early 2020. Scientists started their research and pushed to move what we know about the virus and this treatment as fast as possible. While there's nothing wrong with the concept, the access to this information led to mass confusion and conclusions that somehow seemed to be polar opposites confounded by political biases. Join hosts Shanti and Danny as they break down how this research came out and what led to the confusion associated with this treatment.

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