Episode 31: Social Behavior – Policy in a Pandemic

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Check out the interview with A Better Questionhttps://youtu.be/acVcmSERh0E

We’ve talked about the science behind behavioral analysis when we talked about the show Criminal Minds. We’ve talked about how things are worded and how they’re done influencing how we react when we discussed the Science of Influence, but how does all this affect us when it comes to policy making? How does it come into play in say, a pandemic? Have these concepts been used in our society as a whole? Would you be surprised when a podcast like this says absolutely? Would you be surprised if I told you a whole subcommittee was in place for exactly this purpose? What if I said….maybe it’s not such a bad thing? Join hosts Shanti and Danny as we talk with Jonathan Moses, host of “A Better Question” and discuss the Science of Social Behavior and its role in the Pandemic.


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