Episode 12: Origin Story

Danny and Shanti at work

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Who are Shanti and Danny? What is the true motivation behind Breaking Bad Science? Who on Earth is Melvin? Join us as we discuss who we are, why we’re here, and our own individual paths that lead us to creating this podcast as well as a little glimpse into what we hope the future holds as we try to grow this endeavor.

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Yea, we did technically refer to a study that we were pretty sure existed, so we had to find it… You’re welcome.

Hollier, R.; Physical Attractiveness Bias in the Legal System, The Law Project. Mar-2017. https://www.thelawproject.com.au/insights/attractiveness-bias-in-the-legal-system#:~:text=Physical%20Attractiveness%20had%20a%20significant,a%20maximum%20increase%20of%20304.88%25.

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